The Van Canneyt clinic boasts one of the latest and most advanced surgical facilities of its kind. Designed to comply with future European legislation, the Van Cannet clinic already meets the high standards of protection and safety that one day all clinics will be expected to achieve.

The large operating theatre provides the surgical team with the space and comfort required for operational efficiency. A special airflow system and the non-conductive floors and walls are additional built in safety measures.

The entire clinic is used exclusively for aesthetic surgery, which eliminates the risk from cross-infection that can be a problem with procedures carried out in general surgical facitlities.

Dr Van Cannety personally selects every member of the surgical team for his or her exceptional skills and knowledge. Everyone in the team has undertaken extensive training in the field of aesthetic surgery, so you can be absolutely confident that you are in the hands of dedicated and caring professionals.

The clinic’s highly-skilled and much respected anaesthetist employs a sedation technique that is unique for cosmetic procedures.

Our surgical facilities

The Neuroleptic Analgesia method does not require the patient to receive assisted or artificial breathing, a far safer alternative to an ordinary anaesthetic. During sedation, strong tranquillizers will be administered, dramatically reducing the amount of pain the patient would normally experience immediately after surgery. Post-operative recovery is also much quicker and without the usual feelings of nausea, which can be associated with ordinary anaesthetics.

Dr Van Canneyt and his team are justly very proud of their skills and the state of the art clinic in which they operate. While the team take their jobs very seriously, they never forget the patient. You may feel slightly apprehensive or nervous, but rest assured you’ll find everyone is very friendly. They will take the time to answer your questions, give reassurance and even share a joke to create a very relaxed atmosphere and make each patient very comfortable.

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