Known as Rhinoplasty, this form of surgery can create a smaller or larger nose, improve the shape of the tip or bridge, alter the angle between the nose and the upper lip, or narrow the span of the nostrils.

This procedure can be performed to meet aesthetic goals or for reconstructive purposes to correct birth defects, injury or breathing problems.

A preoperative consultation is recommended so that you can discuss with the surgeon your preferences and expectations.

Nose Tip Reshaping

The nose and sites to be corrected are marked and the nose tip will b anaesthetised. An incision will be made in the nostrils and excess cartilage will be removed making the nose tinner. If required the nose bridge is altered via the same incisions. In some cases, although rare, the bridge of the nose may need to be externally opened. Self-absorbing stitches are used to close the incisions. Fatgauze is implanted in the nostrils and needs to stay there for three days. The nose tip is covered with small bandaids, which should remain in place for one week.

Total Nose Correction

Both the nose tip and nose bridge are remodelled. The procedure for the nose tip is as described above. Correcting the nose bridge is done through the same incisions in the nostrils. In most cases, the aim of the total nose correction is to reduce the size of the nose, for this, the septum is reduced and the bone structure of the nose is reshaped. At the end operation, nasal packing is placed in each nostril. The packing should remain in place for three days. A splint is placed over the nose and needs to be worn for one week.

Post Treatment

After three days the nasal packing can be removed, the splint may be removed after one week. With total nose correction, bruising around the lower eye lids will start to appear after two days, this will last for approximately ten days. We recommend using Arnica drops before and after the surgery.

Nasal Wing Reduction

Hypertrophic nasal wings can be reduced under local anaesthesia. During the procedure a moon-shaped piece of skin tissue is removed from the lateral side of the nasal wings. The volume of the piece of skin tissue is limited to prevent deformation of the nostrils. The wounds are closed with non-resorbable sutures which need to be removed after 10 days. A nasal wing reduction leaves a minimal scar in the furrow of the nasal wing.

Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgery

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