Generally, the aim of ear surgery is to reset prominent ears back closer to the head, or reduce the size of large ears. Because the ear is almost fully grown by the age of four years old, this procedure can be performed on children or adults alike. Surgery can also correct a number of other ear problems including ‘lop ear’, ‘cupped ear’ and ‘shell ear’.

Prominent Ears

Protruding or prominent ears are very common. This deformity is attributed to a genetic disorder of the cartilage in the ear.

Ear Surgery Procedure

With children ear surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, with adults sedation is used.

Firstly the places where the incisions will be made are marked. Then the front and back of the ear are locally sedated with a sedative that contains adrenaline to minimise the blood loss.

Skin tissue is removed from the back of the ear and then on the front of the ear the cartilage will be cut and the skin dissected. On the front side, the cartilage will be scratched, making it curl backwards. The incisions are closed with self-absorbing stitches.

Post Treatment

Immediately after ear surgery, the patient’s head is wrapped in a circular head garment, which needs to be worn for one week. The stitches will disappear after two weeks. After washing the back of the ear must be carefully and thoroughly dried.

In the first four weeks after the head garment has been removed patients should be careful when resuming sporting activities and should wear a turban during the night to protect the ears.

Torn Ear Lobe Repair

Partial or complete torn ear lobes are common, the weight of an earring can contribute to stretching and tearing.


The edges of the tear are removed under local anaesthesia and the wound is closed by by a Z-plasty, which means that any weight from the wearing of earings in the future will be carried by two little skin bridges. A new piercing is made and a piece of sewing thread will be inserted to keep this piercing open.

Post Treatment

The day after the procedure the patient can take a shower and the sewing thread may be replaced by a light earring after one week. Other stitches are removed after 10 days and it is recommended not to wear any heavy earrings for three months.

Ear Correction Surgery

Before & After

Before & After
Before & After

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