Why You Might Need Breast Reduction

Large heavy breasts can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort from postural problems and difficulty carrying out normal daily physical activity. Corrective surgery will remove excess skin, fat and breast tissue and repositioning the nipple and areola to result in a  lighter, more comfortable bustline. The effect can be quite dramatic – it can improve the way a woman stands and allows greater freedom to take more exercise.

Apart from the physical benefits, many women discover a wider choice of clothes to fit them and they no longer need to wear loose garments to accommodate their breasts.

Procedure for Breast Reduction

This procedure is performed under a general anaesthesia, takes approximately three hours and will require hospitalisation for around three days.

During the surgery, the excess skin and mammary gland are excised and the breasts are remodelled to the preferred shape. Scar tissue will remain visible after breast reduction surgery, in some patients it may be more conspicuous than in others. With medium breast hypertrophy a circular incision is made around the areola and a vertical one underneath the nipple (Lejour method).


After surgery, the patient is given a special sports bra, which needs to be worn day and night for a period of four weeks. The bra may only be taken off whilst washing or to be laundered.

The technique we use makes breast-feeding still possible after breast reduction surgery. We advise not to engage in any sports, especially weight lifting, during the first month following the operation.

Breast Reduction

Before & After

Before & After
Before & After

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