Why Choose to Have a Breast Enlargement?

By inserting implants under the natural breast tissue, this procedure can enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breast by one or more cup sizes. For many women who are embarrassed by having a small chest or who have lost shape after childbirth and nursing a breast enlargement can be very rewarding as they are able to gain, or regain the figure they desire.

It is important that the patient’s expectations are discussed carefully and the condition of the breast/skin tone is considered so that the most appropriate surgical technique is employed for a full, firm and natural looking bustline.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Your surgeon will make sure you are in good health and also ensure that you are well informed about the procedure and that you have realistic expectations of the results, risks and post operative period. During the consultation measurements will be taken and markings will be made on your chest.

The surgeon will also discuss with you the positioning of the implants, this depends on your physical characteristics. These include how much breast tissue you have and whether you plan to be involved  in strenuous physical exercise.  Implants can be placed either partially or totally under the pectoralis major muscle (submusclar) or on top of the muscle and under the glands (subglandular).

Surgical Incisions

There are 3 possible incision sites:-

  • Inframmamary – the incision is placed along the crease below the breast, this is the most commonly used option
  • Periareolar – the incision is made along the border of the areola, beside the nipple
  • Transacillary – the incision is made in the armpit

After your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Every woman is different and your doctor will provide you with instructions for your post operative recovery. You may have dressings around your breasts and be advised to wear a surgical bra or elasticated bandage during the recovery period. Once your stitches have been removed you may be advised to gently massage the scar with cream or lotion to prevent the skin from drying out.

Following surgery, you may experience some pain, this can vary in intensity and duration. Very occasionally severe pain associated with arm movement has been reported. If you have any pain following surgery you should contact your surgeon or doctor.

Infection is possible in any operation and most infections can be treated successfully. Implant surgery can result in changes in nipple or breast sensation. The breast and nipple may become painfully sensitive or all sensation may be lost. In most cases these changes are temporary, but as many as 1 in 7 women the nipple changes can be permanent. You should discuss this with your surgeon prior to the procedure.

You should also always consult a physician or a pharmacist before using topical medicines in the breast are following breast enhancement and when undergoing a breast examination your should inform the doctor or nurse of the implant prior to the examination.

Breast Augmentation

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